New Innovation in Bridge Conveyor Design

The Conveyor Bridge Design

Cable Bridge Conveyor is based on an improved simple suspension bridge design. This particular type of suspension bridge was first built in 1970s, now commonly used in hydropower dam construction to cross rivers.

The characteristics of the conveyor bridge design include:

♦   Bridge decks are directly mounted on tensioned steel cables.

♦   Unlike typical suspension bridge or cable-stayed bridge, no high towers are required.

♦   The improved design uses extended deck beam beyond center bridge deck, with stabilizing cables at both ends. This increases the torsional stiffness and dynamic stability against wind-induced vibration.

♦   Long span, quick construction and low cost.

♦   Estimated current installations > 50, with longest span >400m


Closer Image of an Improved Simple Suspension Bridge

The Improved Simple Suspension Bridge uses extra wide bride deck beam to increase stability


Actually, the well-known London Millennium Footbridge (,_London) uses a similar design.

London Millennium FootbridgeSpan: 370m
Bridge deck width: 4m
Cables: 8 x 120mm diameter steel cables


An image of the London Millennium Bridge

London Millennium Bridge is an example of Improved Simple Suspension Bridge


Other Examples of Improved Simple Suspension Bridge

Yellow River Bailang Bridge (1985 ~ 2003)
Span: 438m
Sag ratio: 1/39
Load rating: Dead load 671 kg/m, Live load 3 x 40 tons, 150m spacing
Bridge deck width: 4m; Total width 14m
Cables: 76 x 38mm diameter steel cables @ safety factor 2.5


An image collage of various improved simple suspension bridge installations

Examples of Improved Simple Suspension Bridges

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