New Innovation in Bridge Conveyor Design

New Innovation in Bridge Conveyor Design

Cable Bridge Conveyor™ is a new bridge conveyor design, combining the conventional conveyor and the improved simple suspension bridge. Cable Bridge Conveyor™ (CBC) is elevated above ground, with long distance between supports. This unique benefit allows CBC to cross rivers, valleys, hills, roads, buildings and forests, without extensive civil work and large amount of support bents that are typical for conventional steel trusses. Conventional trough conveyor or tubular pipe conveyor are mounted on the bridge deck, while the belt curve is carefully controlled to reduce the belt stress so that regular steel cord or fabric belt can be used.

Cable Bridge Conveyor™ provides the following benefits:

♦   Elevated bridge conveyor above ground

♦   Span of 200m~600m between supports are typical; longer span is feasible

♦   Suitable for crossing valleys, rivers, buildings and difficult terrain

♦   Minimal disturbance to natural environment and minimal footprint

♦   Compatible with conventional conveyors, without the requirement for special belt or other components

♦   Cable Bridge Conveyor can be the entire conveyor or just segments of a longer overland material handling system

♦   Can accommodate horizontal curves

♦   Conveyor bridge is based on well-established suspension bridge design

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An image showing the Cable Bridge Conveyor crosses deep ravine with long span

Cable Bridge Conveyor crosses deep ravine with long span

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